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Texas A&M Aggies Preview 2022: Season Prediction, Breakdown, Key Games, Players

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Texas A&M Aggies Preview 2022: Previewing, predicting, and looking ahead to the Texas A&M season with what you need to know and keys to the season.

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Texas A&M Aggies Preview
Head Coach: Jimbo Fisher, 5th year at Texas A&M, 34-14
13th year overall, 117-37, 2021 Preview
2021 Record: Overall: 8-4, Conference: 4-4
Offense, Defense Breakdown | Keys To The Season
Season Prediction, What Will Happen
Texas A&M Top 10 Players | Texas A&M Schedule & Analysis

Texas A&M Aggies Preview 2022

You want the most crazy-patient-fruststrated fans in college football? Try Texas A&M’s base.

They’ve been taunted by big, shiny, awesome-looking presents under the tree for decades, and they haven’t been allowed to unwrap them.

Everyone likes to throw out Texas as the program that has done the least with the most over the last several years, but it has a national championship and another title game appearance in the BCS/CFP era. It’s more like Texas has had everything at its disposal – including being in the Big 12, not the SEC -and yet somehow screwed it all up.

Texas A&M is actually the program that has accomplished the least with the most, and it’s not because it did anything wrong.

On the contrary, with the possible argument that moving to the SEC from the Big 12 might have kept it from a CFP appearance or two, it has done absolutely everything right.

It got the national championship-caliber head coach and provided him with the resources, financial stability, and the ten-year plan to play the long game so A&M could build everything up for long-term success.

And Jimbo Fisher has been fine. It’s hard to argue too much with a 34-14 record with three big bowl wins in four seasons, but he only has one year so far with fewer than four losses. That’s hardly anything new, though.

With last year’s 8-4 campaign, A&M has endured 23 out of the last 26 seasons with four or more losses. You lose four games at LSU or Georgia or Florida or Auburn, and Hugh Freeze pops up in some sort of a coaching search article.

A&M is getting the players. Fisher and company just came up with one of the greatest recruiting classes in the history of the sport – at least by the projections – but Georgia, Alabama, and LSU always bring in the big-time talents, too, and those three own the last three national championships.

To make things worse, six SEC programs have a national championship in the BCS/CFP era – so does Texas, so does Oklahoma – and Texas A&M is still hanging around with Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, and Kentucky in the No SEC Championship Appearance lounge sipping on rail drinks and enduring the DJ whose idea of a banger is Adele.

The coach is there, the talent is there, the money is there, the smarts to navigate the new era of college football is there, the will is there, the commitment is there, the fan base is more than there, the win over Alabama was there, and living rent free in Nick Saban’s head this offseason is there.

It’s ALL there.

All of the things the program has done to get this point is to position itself as the SEC’s next top dog once Alabama finally takes a step back. But for now, just getting to an SEC Championship and being a part of the College Football Playoff chase would do.

That might not happen in 2022 – all that young talent coming in might take a year or so to kick in – but there’s hope. There are reasonable expectations for national championship greatness coming around the corner.

It’s going to happen. There will be a payoff.

(Don’t mention the word payoff with Texas A&M around Saban, though.)

Offense, Defense Breakdown | Keys To The Season
Season Prediction, What Will Happen
Texas A&M Top 10 Players
Texas A&M Schedule & Analysis

Texas A&M Aggies Preview 2022: Offense, Defense NEXT

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