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College Football College Football Odds: Opening Early Lines, Values Week 4

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The early college football lines and odds for Week 4 of the 2022 season. Where are the potential values?

What are the lines for Week 4 of the 2022 college football season – and what should they be?

Now we get rid of most of the FBS vs FCS throwaway games and we start to dive into conference play.

Now it gets really fun.

As always, I give my prediction of what I think the line will be, and then go back in and add the actual line after to see just how off the preconceived notion might be.

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College Football Week 4 Lines: Thursday, September 22

West Virginia at Virginia Tech
Fiu Early Guess: Virginia Tech -3
Actual Line: West Virginia -2.5

Coastal Carolina at Georgia Southern
Fiu Early Guess: Coastal Carolina -4.5
Actual Line: Coastal Carolina -2.5

College Football Week 4 Lines: Friday, September 23

Virginia at Syracuse
Fiu Early Guess: Syracuse -10
Actual Line: Syracuse -9.5

Nevada at Air Force
Fiu Early Guess: Air Force -22.5
Actual Line: Air Force -25

Boise State at UTEP
Fiu Early Guess: Boise State -20
Actual Line: Boise State -16.5

College Football Week 4 Lines: Saturday, September 24

Appalachian State at Marshall
Fiu Early Guess: Marshall -3.5
Actual Line: TBA

Maryland at Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Michigan -23.5
Actual Line: Michigan -17.5

Baylor at Iowa State
Fiu Early Guess: Baylor -4
Actual Line: Iowa State -1

USF at Louisville
Fiu Early Guess: Louisville -10.5
Actual Line: Louisville -13

Clemson at Wake Forest
Fiu Early Guess: Clemson -7.5
Actual Line: Clemson -7

Buffalo at Eastern Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Eastern Michigan -8.5
Actual Line: Eastern Michigan -4.5

Missouri at Auburn
Fiu Early Guess: Auburn -3.5
Actual Line: Auburn -6.5

Kent State at Georgia
Fiu Early Guess: Georgia -39.5
Actual Line: Georgia -41.5

Bowling Green at Mississippi State
Fiu Early Guess: Mississippi State -31
Actual Line: Mississippi State -29.5

Central Michigan at Penn State
Fiu Early Guess: Penn State -24.5
Actual Line: Penn State -26.5

Fiu Early Guess: TCU -4
Actual Line: EVEN

Duke at Kansas
Fiu Early Guess: Kansas -9
Actual Line: Kansas -9.5

UCLA at Colorado
Fiu Early Guess: UCLA -28
Actual Line: UCLA -20.5

UMass at Temple
Fiu Early Guess: Temple -10.5
Actual Line: Temple -9.5

James Madison at Appalachian State
Fiu Early Guess: Appalachian State -8
Actual Line: Appalachian State -9

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